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investing made simpleWelcome

Savingyourchange.com will provide a place to track your volunteer hours for as long as you would like and allow you to learn lessons on personal finance to include investing for retirement.

For years other websites have offered stock market solutions that supposedly aid students and young adults with a proper perspective on how important it is to learn how to save and invest.  There are however some problems with these programs.

  • They give a large sum of money to begin the game; sometimes as high as $1 million dollars,
  • Most people will never have someone come and give them that much money,
  • They call it a game and create contest against others,
  • Investing is not about a game nor should it be about how much more I make compared to others.

Savingyourchange.com creates an environment that is very user friendly and more realistic to every life.  It offers two things.  Tracking your giving back to society and learning to save and invest.  The only challenge in this game is against yourself, you either will plan for your financial future or you won’t.  This is not about buying a stock in hopes of buying a penny stock so that you can win the game against an opponent.  It is about helping you plan for your future, showing you how to take your hard earned money and saving it and investing it wisely while helping others. It also will explain and demonstrate how important it is to start these habits early. 

Learn and strengthen skills in:

  • Saving and Investing for your future
  • Researching effectively
  • Philanthropy
  • Decision-making
  • Critical thinking

So sign up today and get ready for a new innovative way of planning for your future.

Get ready to help make a difference!

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